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The Maine coast is unlike any other coastline in the United States. Known for its rocky cliffs, lighthouses, and gorgeous choppy blue waters, the Maine coast has a culture and a feel all its own. If you are considering taking your vacation to this beautiful destination, guarantee the best experience by booking a Maine vacation cottage. Cottages allow for a truly local experience and provide visitors with all the conveniences of being at home.
There are several coastal communities in Maine full of available rental properties. The Boothbay region, town of Newcastle, Bar Harbor region, and the Downeast area are just a few examples of communities in which renting a property long or short term is a popular vacation option. When considering which town you are interested in renting, it is important to look at culture, terrain, and cottage size and price. By carefully weighing these factors, you can select the perfect vacation option.

East coastal region has a unique culture and consequently different activities with which you can fill your vacation. For example, some coastal towns have a greater focus on boating and fishing while others spend more time invested in the arts and theatre. Boating towns are better for those interested in fishing and spending time out on the water, while art focused towns may be better for families and larger parties. Coastal towns also differ in how developed they are. If you are looking to shop during your stay, it is best to choose a more developed town with a bustling downtown.

The location of your rental cottage will play a huge part in how you enjoy your coastal Maine vacation. Some people prefer waterfront properties right on the beach with easy access to the water. Others more interested in scenery than swimming may elect a cottage high on the Cliffside, with a beautiful view of the ocean, but less convenience in getting to it. Others prefer to be in town, closer to the locals, more thrown into the regional culture. Consider all these different factors while choosing your Maine coastal cottage location.

One cannot forget the importance of the actual cottage. Cottage rentals come in a variety of sizes, styles, and prices. From small and quaint, to spacious and ultra modern, visitors can choose from a wide variety of cottages. Individuals, couples, families, and groups can all find the right accommodation with the right amount of research. Price of course will vary by size, location, and duration of stay.

So as you book your coastal Maine vacation cottage, be sure to carefully consider all the factors that will affect the quality of your stay. With a little research, your coastal cottage vacation is sure to be a success!e.

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